Welcome to the Interactivity Foundation Wiki!

This Wiki is focused on supporting the collaborative discussions of the Interactivity Foundation (IF). The Interactivity Foundation is a non-profit devoted to expanding and enhancing public deliberation about public policy by helping people to think of more ways that our society might approach complex areas of social and political concern.
At this site you'll find:
  • Project Wikis that are dedicated to some of our discussion projects on specific areas of public policy concern. During the "sanctuary" or developmental phase of a project, most of that project wiki's pages will likely only be open to the discussion participants. When a project is ready to go out into the public arena, the pages will be open to the public.
  • Discussion Guide Wikis that are dedicated to sharing lessons learned about facilitating collaborative and exploratory discussions. Some of these are intended to serve as "guidebooks" for discussions in different contexts. During their development, some of these wikis will be open only to the development team.

For more information about the Interactivity Foundation, visit the Interactivity Foundation's website.

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